When was it?


Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos

When was it?
that Germans and Turks
of Central Powers-
pulled from their uniforms,


“Start from the East; sweep to the Black Sea;
continue through to Cappadocia; later-
swing towards the Ionian West.
There’s a shortage of bullets,
take as long as it takes- be thorough!

Ένας Ξαναγεννημένος Φοίνικας


Once upon a time…
Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό, όχι πολύ παλιά,
γιά περισσότερο από τέσσερα εκατóχρονα,
δυναστείες Οθωμανών Σουλτάνων
βασίλευαν σαν βαριά σύννεφα,
διώχνοντας τη λιακάδα από τους Ουρανούς.
Ο τρόμος γέμιζε τον κάποτε ελεύθερο αέρα της:
oι βράχοι της πονούσαν, οι θάλασσές της έκλαιγαν,
τα πουλιά της έκρωζαν θρηνητικά,
τα λουλούδια της μαραίνονταν, ο λαός της υπέφερε—

The Duchess Of Alba On South Street©


I saw the Duchess of Alba
at the checkout counter of  The Whole Foods
food market on South Street, today.
She was here in Philadelphia,
miles from Madrid, —and Goya,
was bagging her wares.

Mesmerized, I stared straight at her
as she gazed through me as if I were air.
As I peered at her plume-jet-black hair,
I marveled to myself, It IS,
it’s the Duchess of Alba,
just like Goya once painted her!

…Or, what was worse? ©


A remarkable thing about the bodies that we saw was that nearly all of them were
naked. I have been informed that the people were forced to take off their clothes
before they were killed, as the Mohammedans consider the clothes taken from a
dead body to be defiled.

—Leslie A. Davis, American Consul General

When we see those still photographs
captioned “deportations”
—showing long lines of
Christian women: Armenian, Assyrian,
Greek; full with babies, carrying infants,
children by their sides—but where are their men?
We see them walking through barren land
on their way to their deaths—
they don’t know, they’ve not been told.