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Lust for Spring


Lust for spring
spreading all over
– memories Επιθυμία για την άνοιξη
απλώνεται παντού
– αναμνήσεις Se extiende por todas partes
– recuerdos

Turn of the Year

Share As ever, again at this tide and time,
when a year sets in and a year flows hence-
As ever again the querulous rhyme
Of an ancient song fills my inner sense:
“Turn of the Year, turn of the year-
But does any turn in the road appear?” When my years were fewer my hopes were stirred,
And vows I made (as you made them, too!)
Wiser to be in both deed and word,
The Old Year’s error to change in the New.
Yet I was but I – as the years flowed past,
And the ancient rhyme but mocked me, at last!

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