“I gave you as much as I could…
I thought we were together!
It seems, it was not for ever!
I still love you… and hope…
Not certain about your moves
I pleat with you…
Do not leave me…”

I loved you too…
I cannot bargain with my feelings…
I treasured the moments of our love…
But I cannot forgive your arrogance
that make you forget who I am!
Love is elegant as a flower…
I need peace and safety… along
with your -so called- love!

Copyright: (Πιπίνα Δ.Έλλη) Pipina D. Elles



Every morning,
I salute you Zoe…
with a great respect.
I like your face, your smile
your colours, your essence!
Simply: I love you.

When your moods become unforgivable
when you turn to be ugly…
I still love you and I forgive you!…

Even when you hurt me deeply
-by stealing away from me
my loved ones-
oh!… even then, I forgive you!

You are a magic.
I clink to you with pathos
and yet…
I know you’re not for ever!


Our faith… for the better


Pipina D. Ellis

The twin power
of our souls,
our faith to Zoe…
are charging us!

Let us try to overcome
our human deficiency,
and become free,
leaving behind
the heavy earthy shirt
to rejoice freedom,
fatherless captains
of our destiny,
the Argo!

Our existence,-marked
by the twin sign
of Apollo and Dionysos-,
perpetually creates
our passion
for the  song of eternity.

The purifying fire that burns
within our hearts,
the cool water that nourishes
our roots… complete the circle
of our vows
for our well being.

cold head… warm feet,
do not always
draw out our best!

COPYRIGHT: Pipina D. Elles
VERSES  from my book of selected poetry… QUO VADIS?

Lust for Spring


Lust for Spring

Lust for spring
spreading all over
– memories
of the last spring
that came out of our souls
hovering over our heads
– memories
and hopes
mingled together
in a whirling dance
in our minds
as bright buds that spring
fiery, bright,
it all seemed so right!
– wishing
this really weren’t
the last of springs
– wishing
that spring of springs
were not over
and we could still
quench our thirst
in its holy water
– and spring
were not just a sense
within our heads
– wishing
we could once more
become rovers
of the earth
– ever wishing
that “spring” were not
lost forever…

Επιθυμία για την άνοιξη

Επιθυμία για την άνοιξη

Επιθυμία για την άνοιξη
απλώνεται παντού
– αναμνήσεις
της τελευταίας άνοιξης
ξεπήδησαν απ’ τις καρδιές μας
και τώρα αιωρούνται
πάνω απ’ τα κεφάλια μας
– αναμνήσεις
και ελπίδες
που αναμειγνύονται μαζί
σε έναν στρόβιλο
που χορεύει αέναα
μέσα στο μυαλό μας
καθώς τα πολύχρωμα μπουμπούκια
απτόητα και φλογερά ανθίζουν
– ελπίζοντας
Πως αυτή δεν είναι πραγματικά
η τελευταία άνοιξη
– ελπίζοντας
αυτή η πηγή της άνοιξης
να μην στέρευε
και να μπορούσαμε ακόμα
να κορέσουμε τη δίψα μας
στα ιερά της ύδατα
– και η άνοιξη
Να μην ήταν μόνο μια αίσθηση
μέσα στο νου μας
– ελπίζοντας
να μπορούσαμε και πάλι
να γίνουμε οι ταξιδιώτες
αυτής της γης
– ελπίζοντας
Η «άνοιξη» να μην
Χανότανε για πάντα …
#Ειρήνη Ντούρα-Καββαδία

Irene Doura-Kavadia

Lujuria por la Primavera

Oda a la primavera

Oda a la primavera
Que se extiende por todas partes
– recuerdos
de las primaveras pasadas
salen de nuestras almas y
se ciernen sobre nuestras cabezas
– recuerdos
y esperanzas
en un baile giratorio
dentro de la mente;
como capullos brillantes
ardientes y multicolores
que siguen brotando
– deseando
Que ésta, realmente, no fuera
la última de las primaveras
– deseando
Que esta primavera
no hubiese terminado
y que aún podiésemos
saciar nuestra sed
en su agua bendita
– y que la primavera
no fuera solo un sentido
dentro de nuestras cabezas
– deseando
Que podríamos una vez más
convertirnos en viajeros
de la tierra
– siempre deseando
Que la “primavera”
no la perdiéramos para siempre…

Irene Doura-Kavadia

Hamlet of The Moon


Ο ΑΜΛΕΤ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΗΝΗΣ – Ποίηση: Μάνος Ελευθερίου(+)
Μελοποίηση: Θάνος Μικρούτσικος (+)

HAMLET OF THE MOON (Th. Mikroutsikos-Man. Eleftheriou)
(Literary translation by: Aris Adanis- January 2020)

You fooled the azure skies above, and hexed them to black flame
since life has been a gift to you, without the least of charge,
the voices of a madding crowd, sounded all the same
with your drugged emotions that echoed falsely large.

Turn of the Year


A woman at bust length facing at about 45 degrees from the observer with a neutral expression on her face

As ever, again at this tide and time,
when a year sets in and a year flows hence-
As ever again the querulous rhyme
Of an ancient song fills my inner sense:
“Turn of the Year, turn of the year-
But does any turn in the road appear?”

When my years were fewer my hopes were stirred,
And vows I made (as you made them, too!)
Wiser to be in both deed and word,
The Old Year’s error to change in the New.
Yet I was but I – as the years flowed past,
And the ancient rhyme but mocked me, at last!



©Copyright Winter 2019 – Jan Price

You ask me
what I’ve discovered
as I gauge your will to suffer
by the length of the pause I pose
between us. If you hold my eyes
and don’t smile but slightly frown
where sad news frowns
I won’t need to prophesy
for your search has began