Share “I gave you as much as I could…
I thought we were together!
It seems, it was not for ever!
I still love you… and hope…
Not certain about your moves
I pleat with you…
Do not leave me…” I loved you too…
I cannot bargain with my feelings…
I treasured the moments of our love…
But I cannot forgive your arrogance
that make you forget who I am!
Love is elegant as a flower…
I need peace and safety… along
with your -so called- love!

Copyright: (Πιπίνα Δ.Έλλη) Pipina D. Elles

Hamlet of The Moon

Share Ο ΑΜΛΕΤ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΗΝΗΣ – Ποίηση: Μάνος Ελευθερίου(+) Μελοποίηση: Θάνος Μικρούτσικος (+)

Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets HAMLET OF THE MOON (Th. Mikroutsikos-Man. Eleftheriou)
(Literary translation by: Aris Adanis- January 2020)

Order Valium Canada You fooled the azure skies above, and hexed them to black flame
since life has been a gift to you, without the least of charge,
the voices of a madding crowd, sounded all the same
with your drugged emotions that echoed falsely large.

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Euphemisms of an old lady


by Erma Vassiliou
translated from Greek by Irini Papas The old lady had never learned anything else in her life except to drop
blessings from her lips, as if the blessings sustained her.
Her eyelash colour faded, her face was a mass of wrinkles. “Daughter, give
me the votive candle so I may light it, and may you reign like a queen one
On Sundays, in the courtyard under the vine, they’d turn on the radio. “
Daughter, bring the radio, and may you pick up soil and have it turned to gold
in your hands”.
Her legs were unable to take much walking anymore, she didn’t go to church
anymore. In the kitchen, her daughter was preparing a roast, and she,
hearing the clatter of the soot-grimed pots, confused it with the clatter of
coins dropped into the offering trays at the church door. She then thought
that she was actually there, listening and following the words of the priest,
and as the trays came around, she would put her hand into the deep pocket
of her black dress, seeking a coin. “Bless you, may the angels guard you,
may evil die away around you”.

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I awaited you

Share by Erma Vassiliou
translated into English by Irini Papas Yet again you’ve not kept your promise
I waited for you
so we could drink together under the stars
the valley’s secrets, and the never-sleeping aromas of the summer
on the nights, when Ai-Loukas’ few candles
bathed the moon in their light
and when to cinderella-night we wished to sell
still one more tale
lest it be lost in the haystack.