Family Photograph


The photograph is black and white and was possibly taken about the year of 1900.  It is a photograph of the nine children of the Wood family.  My grandfather George was one of these children. I feel a great attachment to the photograph.  It is like looking at a still […]

Pues sola hay una


Todo lo que hoy escriba
me va a saber a poco.

Describir su sonrisa diaria de amapola
y esas bromas conjuntas de jardin de verano,
sus lagrimas de escama cuando el desprecio hiere,
sus pasos de gorrion
o su dormir de nube,
se me hace muy escaso
o suena a prototipo.

Hablar de sus poderes
y consejos de bruja,
sus estudios de master en “Pocimas de Amor”,
de su orden obsesivo de dicator febril,
su paciencia de Santa,
su entrega transparente como fuerza del rio,
sus rabietas de cria
o lo bien que le sale la comida el domingo
no parece que sean
materia para halagos
o versos de marfil.

Mother’s Day Remembrance


I walked under the old elm trees. It was a cold winter’s day and the air was sharp. There was no one to break the stillness. I was conscious only of the dank smell of wet leaves underfoot and the sheep and cattle grazing peacefully in the paddock across the creek.
At last it was possible to be myself, away from people. My thoughts were in emotional turmoil. Watching death creep insidiously through my mother’s body as cancer claimed her was hard to bear. I tried to grasp the inevitability of losing her. She was noble in her dying, never complained. “Andy’s randy today,” was all she would say when beset with pain.