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Our faith… for the better

Share The twin power
of our souls,
our faith to Zoe…
are charging us!

Let us try to overcome
our human deficiency,
and become free,
leaving behind
the heavy earthy shirt
to rejoice freedom,
fatherless captains
of our destiny,
the Argo!

Turn of the Year


As ever, again at this tide and time,
when a year sets in and a year flows hence-
As ever again the querulous rhyme
Of an ancient song fills my inner sense:
“Turn of the Year, turn of the year-
But does any turn in the road appear?”

Buy Generic Valium Online When my years were fewer my hopes were stirred,
And vows I made (as you made them, too!)
Wiser to be in both deed and word,
The Old Year’s error to change in the New.
Yet I was but I – as the years flowed past,
And the ancient rhyme but mocked me, at last!

A Statue

Share Last night I took a picture of my mother
Standing next to the statue of Grigoris Afxentiou.
‘Stand there so I can take a picture of you, too’, she whispered
I never stand next to statues to be photographed
Yet for some reason, I obeyed without refusing,
Intuitively I leaned my head tenderly on the statue; hugged it.

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