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I know it well—he said Order Valium Uk that no one will come to greet me I know it
for the words I spoke
bounced hopelessly off their ears

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the children’s innocence
became today’s concern
struggle for a breath of air
how to pay this month’s rent



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Buy Valium Roche Online Uk Even this solemn remnant
of the ancient temple standing
like an anchorite in meditation
by the slope of the tired hill
even this they shall defile
remember this—I said

When was it?


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When was it?
that Germans and Turks
of Central Powers-
pulled from their uniforms, ORDERS FROM HEADQUARTERS: “Start from the East; sweep to the Black Sea;
continue through to Cappadocia; later-
swing towards the Ionian West.
There’s a shortage of bullets,
take as long as it takes- be thorough!

A Phoenix Reborn


Mia fora kai enan kero…
Once upon a time, not too long ago,
for four plus centuries,
successions of Ottoman Sultans
reigned down like gloomy clouds,
blocking sunlight from Grecian skies.
Terror filled her once-free air:
her rocks ached, her seas wept, her birds shrilled
her flowers withered, her people suffered—