A picture like you


Buy Diazepam Canada You’re a silent picture of profound green
offered to a man sublime
instantly adorned in the nick of time

Buy Valium Overseas by the morning dew…

Buying Valium Online In Canada But this silent picture of profound blue
thoughts that pitched to a last goodbye
leaving loose all threads in a mystic vie

to a lucky few…

Whilst this silent picture of profound red
a remarkable detachment
in the tenet pure attachment

lives anew…

Oh my silent picture of profound white
coming constantly aberrant and fragile
as eliciting a smile

all from me to you…

(c) Iakovos Garivaldis

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We were ready to merge but she stopped me.
‘I haven’t finished looking at you,’ she said.

Dazed in her aura
She saw her image stamped deep
On my molten heart.

Caught licking my dry upper lip
She caressed my burning cheeks.
I was like a rock in the sea beaten
By the waves of desire from every side.

Defenceless I was thinking that
All things are susceptible to Love:
Fire, water even the polar caps.

You might think I’m weak but am not.
Because no one ever has and no one ever will
Escape love not while there is beauty
And not while eyes can see.

Nicholas Fourikis

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I came from the outside world Buy Diazepam In Uk Next Day Delivery ,
Entered your world, for one brief moment
Felt the impact of your glance, your smile;
Knew for that moment in time there was you and me only,
Acceptance was felt, two souls reaching.
I went away, thought of you in the dark hours of the night,
Wondered why you engaged my curiosity,
And why I was compelled to return to your side.
The night was warm, the atmosphere inviting,
The red velvet lounge, elegant grand, and you.
Yes, you.
You sat with fingers flowing over the white keyboard,
Harmony of motion, one with life, you felt the ebb and flow.
Shyness overcame me, I dare not trespass on your ground
For fear you may reject me,
Was I just one more face, or was it real with you?
My being would not cease to call you,
I tried to ignore your presence;

Then you stopped playing and came over to me.
My soul rejoiced to find you were more than I had hoped,
So close to me, to recognise your soul in those few words,
Existing, being for my soul to meet.
I did not want to question worldly states, your wife,
Your life, your wage,

There was only now, a glimpse of life’s fulfilment felt.





I was a sphinx gazing at

The desert of my discontent
Before I tasted your lips.

After you kissed me
Everything changed:
The desert is a savanna now
And I sing the fandangos of our love.

“Only the written kisses
Survive the brief
Incandescent alchemy
Of human passion,”
The poets claimed

But that is not true
‘Cause when you look at me, I burn,
You touch me, and I’m caught.

Poets, what do they know
About love.

But I can excuse them
Because they cannot hear
The fandangos of our love.

And never tasted
The nectar of your soul.

Nicholas Fourikis

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010



For months I have watched you,

Leafless, with winter upon you,

Yet, you indestructibly stood there,

Giving me hope with each new leaf

Appearing under the spring sun.

You became a force in my life,

Your aged branches overhanging my door,

You spoke of a past age when you were planted

In the large grounds of a white mansion.

You grew strong and watched a generation go by.

Then they built a wall by your side;

The lawn you had graced was too valuable now.

But you grew to the side,

And spread your branches to my door.

Your companions – the birds,

Found their home in your boughs,

Bringing music and life in their call.

Now you have proven your strength of survival,

And cast your beauty for me to behold,

A stern reminder of nature the essence,

You must fall.

I will remember when you stood tall,

Overhanging my door.

my boy


Now that you’ve spent some time out there
seeing futility in vain
now that you’ve learned it’s not all just a game,
as it sets your youthful heart
please lets not drift too far apart…


Now that you’ve had your first heartache
gasping for air as it set upon you
you must remember all I’ve taught you,
be bold and never think you’ve lost
life’s lessons learned, a positive cost


Yes, I accept it, you know it all now
as varied cravings starting to show
all over your tender, adolescent body,
hastily marked by tonic love
be mindful of its perplexities my son.


And as your father drifts away,
as life and death run their trepid course
consider the echo of my distant voice:
never give up your lucid dream
no matter how hard it all may seem…