You Reap what you Sow


Valium Australia Online Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou Tzoras jots down the date of the primary school students’ last excursion this year. A week before his son’s University entrance exams. He couldn’t possibly be absent from this critical moment in his son’s life.

Buy Valium 5 Mg Online He unlocks the top desk drawer and takes out a deck of cards with famous actresses on he’d bought on an educational trip to Thessaloniki. He counts them. Fifty one. One’s missing. Fingers move deep into the drawer, through grade books and the register, under the desk pad. Nowhere.

An Awesome Ride

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The bus is crammed; people jostle in the aisle, swinging hither and thither at the driver’s sudden brakes and swerves. A baby howls, an old lady flaps her fan against her flushed face. Then the bus stops. It takes a while. An armed soldier gets off to inspect the road. Pitch dark. A roar is heard, a gunshot. The second soldier follows suit. He never comes back. The passengers stare out the window and at each other alert. Somebody knocks on the front door. The driver opens and a man, face distorted, reddish saliva dripping down his bloodied teeth – a zombie – bursts in, lunges at whomever he comes across, bites them hard on the neck. Screams and moans fill the bus. The ones that have been bitten become infected and maul the ones sitting next to them until everyone, except for the driver, runs amok, becomes a zombie.

The Spider


Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou ‘Mum! Look! A spider! Kill it!’ Belly still working on my web, I goggle down at the small boy’s pink finger pointing at me like a huge, wriggling worm. Oh, no, I think. I’ve been spinning this web in a corner of the kitchen ceiling for ages and this little bugger here wants to wipe it out in a flash and, worse, do me in. Why do humans loathe us so much? We never do any harm. A wave of relief washes all over me when I hear the woman say,

‘Oh, no, Niko. A spider in the house is good luck. It won’t hurt you. Go have your breakfast.’ The boy sits at a chair and sips from his glass of chocolate milk, his eyes still glued on me with curiosity and mistrust. I go about my work, wishing for a fly to be trapped into the web soon before I starve to death.

Your Toothless Mouth


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Order Valium Overnight Delivery You know what struck me the most when I saw you lying flat on the hospital bed? I realized I’d never seen you without your impeccable false teeth. You looked older, defenseless, robbed from authority.  A catatonic man with cheeks sunken along the gums that framed a wide dark cave of a mouth, a forehead jutting out of the white pillow, wet wisps of hair drowning underneath. Tiny red drops were sprouting out of your face, and your eyes… so different! I wondered where all that sparkling, ingenious green had gone to. Now coated with some thick membrane, they were just two anguished, anaemic slits on a hallucinating stranger’s face.

‘Pour me some water, Dina!’ you stammered. ‘There, from the tap,’ you pointed to the serum hanging on your right. ‘Bring me my coat that’s hanging there,’ this time you showed me the blank wall to your left. ‘Time to go home.’



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‘We stink! Only hot water can wash the dirt off,’ Bekim says to Artan, dusting down his work clothes. Artan is sipping water from a communal tap outside the shower and toilet block in the park.

Buy Valium By Roche Online The park is situated on the highest point of the town overlooking the Corinthian Gulf. A multicoloured bed of roses lines one perimeter and tall conifers and fir trees are scattered over the grass. Asphalt paths, edged with wooden benches, lead to the ornamental iron gates located on each side of its four perimeters. A small bridge stretches across a lake hidden by pampas grass and shrubs. The townsfolk, who live in the surrounding high rise apartments, gather in the park to walk, talk and relax. The boys find an empty bench and Artan twists off the caps of two bottles of beer and offers one to Bekim. They take long gulps and wipe their mouths with the sleeves of their work clothes.

“Bonjour!” – Good Morning in French

"Bon Jour!" - Artist: Michael Morgan

"Bonjour!" - Artist: Michael Morgan This fictional story was inspired by Michael Morgan’s painting “Bonjour!” Alain Durand missed his native France.  Overcome with nostalgia, he walked along the path in the gardens which were an oasis in the city.  Wistfully, he watched the people passing by and cherished the hope that he might chance to hear the intonation of his own language pass their lips. It was a crisp day in late autumn.  The sun shone brightly, but there was no heat in it.  Alain was grateful for his coat which he clasped tightly around himself.  He liked to dress well as befits a Frenchman.  He wore a bowler hat which offset his deep red coat with its black lapels.  An onlooker could quickly perceive he was a man of style and expensive taste.

Snail Man


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Us Valium Online Common speech, (if you can call speech common) whatever that may mean, often uses the name of a creature or an animal to describe a human quality, and generally as a class they are warm, active, sensitive, and have redeeming features –  but not always.  How often you have an intuitive gut feeling that some one or something is a bit “off.”   Such is the case with someone I met in my late teens. One of the few people that I could say disturbed me from the first introduction was Henry Snape Jukes (a pseudonym). I still shudder when I think of him.

Henry had a passion for Snails.  He was deaf, more like a bird than a human, or the molluscs that he omnivorously devoted his time to.  If you saw Henry in the day, his darting, jerking movements would draw your attention to him for an instant then you would forget him in about the same time, but a shadow image of him would surface back into your mind at the most importune moments.  A presence kept returning like a dream image never to be erased.  Henry, if you ever met him at night, seemed to change.  Gone was the spasmodic twitch, the dry lips and the visually obvious dry, raspy tongue.  The best way to illustrate this change would be to say that Henry “became moist.”  A strange way to describe a person, I suppose, but the best way to convey the truth.  He researched  gastropods, drawing spiral shells, flat shells, rounded shells into one of his hundreds of notebooks.  This he did every evening and then he would go wandering into the wetlands.  He was secretly thrilled that one area was called Helix Park, such apt synchronisation.  This haunt gave him order and contentment.  A box hedge coiling to the right.  Dextral, that was when talking about shells.  Sinistral when going counter clockwise.  Such terms made Henry feel important.  He knew what they meant, he had his own agenda.

Anthropomorphic visions of god


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Valium Order Online Australia The more I think of man, the more I love the cows.


Our Singapore Airlines flight followed the kangaroo route. In Rome, we headed to the Umberto Hotel and rushed to bed after a shower. Being in Helen’s arms for twenty hours, I couldn’t last any longer. I shouldn’t tell you this but I even suggested the obvious during our long flight but all I got from her was, ‘I love you when you are that eager.’

As she talked, her almond shaped eyes sparkled and danced under her strait eyebrows.

Tall and slim she always wore fashionable clothes and expensive perfumes. Warm, well proportioned and sensuous she turned heads wherever we went.