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Diasporic Identities – Dionysia Mousoura-Tsoukala


Valium Rx Online The current bibliography on Greek literature makes little or no reference to identity, with the exception of a few works such as the literary contribution of Professor Kanarakis, titled “Όψεις της Λογοτεχνίας των Ελλήνων της Αυστραλίας και Νέας Ζηλανδίας [Aspects of the Literature of Greeks in Australia and New Zealand]”(Kanarakis 2003). Although the Greek literature in Australia written in the first half of the twentieth century was predominately that of male writers, the female voice emerged dynamically in the second half of the century, making the female voice very distinct (Georgoudakis 2002; Nickas 1992). Thus, the Greek female writers in Australia appeared in the post-war era, during the Greek mass migration, with Vasso Kalamaras being the first, followed by Dina Amanatides and many more.

Μια καταγραφή δεν αρκεί


Στη συστηματική κι αμίλητη φύση δεν υπάρχει χώρος για ρουσφετολογία, για αδικία αλλά ούτε και για απόδοση δικαιοσύνης όπως τη γνωρίζουμε. Η φύση λειτουργεί ανεξάρτητα, αυτοκυρίαρχα, αυτοπειθαρχημένα κι όποιος δε γνωρίζει τους νόμους της καταλήγει ανέγνωρος και αθέλητος από αυτή, κατά συνέπεια καταδικασμένος στην αφάνεια, στην απομάκρυνση και αργά ή γρήγορα στην εξαφάνιση. Η απόδοση δικαιοσύνης της φύσης είναι το αποτέλεσμα της παραβίασης των κανόνων της. «Ως σκοπός ορίζεται η ζωή σε συμφωνία με τη φύση…» -Ζήνων ο Κιτιεύς.

Healthy Explanations


Ordering Valium Online Australia The father of medicine, Hippocrates, set primarily in each new doctor a definition along with the standard oath, that: “You cannot be good a doctor without being a philosopher at the same time.” We know that the philosopher besides the reflective, observant and intellectual learning is also a strict naturalist, which rightly so that the ancient Greeks used to call them Iatrophilosophers.

Ordering Valium For this reason I would like to expand a bit on this definition for the ordinary person with a slight variation: “You can never be cured completely by a physician when he is unable to explain to you in simple language, the cause of your illness.”

Paniaras’ ultimate sea


Valium Online Uk Next Day Delivery Over a career of fifty-five years, Kostas Paniaras has developed a rich code of media and moves from painting to sculpture and special installations, freely adopting various materials through which he gains access to the illusion of the new image. In the process of his quest for the truth, artistic acts/reflections of an undefined inner self and memories resurfacing from a remote past take part in the constant game of the alternating presence and absence of ‘subject’ as well as in the various possibilities for the final verdict of his temporally-and above all spatially-displaced work.

Hyper-Literature / Ελληνόγλωσση Υπερλογοτεχνία της Διασποράς

Share It is a fact that a plethora of studies have been carried out on all types of traditional literature, with the exception of literature in electronic formats, an area which has remained largely unexplored. This paper examines one facet of such literature as a distinct body; that which appears in digital format on the Internet in Greek, mainly created by writers of the Diaspora.

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