Costas Montis

Nostalgia – two poems


We adored this Earth so, my Lord
with a love that I am afraid what is waiting us as we depart
is to find our minds thinking only of her
always running back to our own village

Four Poems on Verse


You have uttered some nonsense,
to be fair,
a lot of nonsense.


Four Poems on Poetry


Is there such a word or isn’t it
I will write it anyway
whether there is such a word
I will write it.
I have no choice.

A tribute to Costas Montis


Kostas Montis, the man and his poetry that touched my life like no other, the undercelebrated and overshadowed poet of the 20th century is hereby offered a minor compensation by Diasporic. So minor that his remembrance should really never mention it. For his memory should remain pure like the words in his verse, unbiased like his thought, benevolent like his love for virtue.