A Statue

Share Last night I took a picture of my mother Standing next to the statue of Grigoris Afxentiou. ‘Stand there so I can take a picture of you, too’, she whispered I never stand next to statues to be photographed
Yet for some reason, I obeyed without refusing,
Intuitively I leaned my head tenderly on the statue; hugged it.

I awaited you


Yet again you’ve not kept your promise
I waited for you
so we could drink together under the stars
the valley’s secrets, and the never-sleeping aromas of the summer
on the nights, when Ai-Loukas’ few candles
bathed the moon in their light
and when to cinderella-night we wished to sell
still one more tale
lest it be lost in the haystack.



Serene eyes lacking
rapid eye movement
sun-bleached creamy curtains
light warmth in your mind


The House Next To The Rose Tree


Perhaps we shall always be captives of a prophecy We shall never nonetheless Walk into the rose garden,* I No longer anticipate in vain The house next to the rose tree The bliss that was abruptly abducted from me I No longer expect the slightest semblance of joy And whatever […]

The Clocks That Have Not Been Taken Down


Valium Online Uk Delivery Yesterday I watched an interview about Cyprus on TV, This made me think about the Green Line It made me remember that our houses have been deserted; That someone threw our personal belongings In the rubbish bin twenty-two years ago; That other people live in our house now. As I […]