Membership Agreement


Please fill out and submit the D.L.S. form below. We hope you have already read our DLS Charter which is very informative. Without an email address you cannot be a member, for a number of reasons including being able to contact you electronically. If you change your email address you must inform us with your old and new emails. Soon after you submit this application we’ll get back to you with a login username and password after which you can start creating pages with your work in them. By submitting this agreement you agree to abide by the rules of Diasporic Literature Spot and be respectful to other members.

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    D.L.S. Charter


    Buy Valium Sleeping Tablets Diasporic Literature Spot is a non-profit organisation which promotes works by writers in the English, Greek and Spanish languages using electronic media. D.L.S. may use an emblem or logo whenever it finds this necessary in order to communicate with its membership in a formal manner.

    For a writer to become a member they need to apply for membership. In order to be accepted as a member one has to abide by some pre-requisites.

    These are defined as: STRUCTURE

    Diasporic Literature Spot has a flat structure. All writer members are of equal rights and responsibilities, however members can volunteer from time to time to assist with the running of the organisation responsibilities. There are no President, Committee, Secretary, Treasurer etc members. At least initially the idea is to keep everything simple. However D.L.S. may decide from time to time to call on its members to a restaurant or bar to get to know each other. Members can call for such an event to take place, when they’re ready to do so.

    Buy 1000 Valium Online RIGHTS

    No member has more rights than any other no matter which part of the world they live in. Each member is encouraged to submit their views and suggestions in the more efficient and fair running of the website.


    There are three main responsibilities each member has:

    1. To submit an article, poem, essay, play or other works of literary value to the website at least once a year. If this rule is breached then the rest of the members have the right to dismiss the writer from membership if at least 50% of them agree to do so.
    2. A member may not submit more than two poems (of up to fifty lines each) per week on Diasporic, or one prose piece, play or other type of literature per calendar week. If this rule is breached repeatedly by a member that member is demoted from ‘author’ to ‘subscriber’ which means that his/her submission of works is at the discretion of the  administrator.
    3. Works submitted must conform to the website style sheet described below.
    4. To behave in a responsible manner towards other writers, D.L.S. as well as society in general.
    5. To keep a personal email for communication with D.L.S.

    A breach of theses rules is not an automatic de-registration but a warning is issued by another member who administers the group once five percent or more of the members are in agreement. With the initial signing up a member submits a short biographical note, a photograph if possible and a list of works published.


    We discourage writers to upload video and music files however if minimal sizes are kept this should also be ok. The size limits are the uploaded media should not be more than half a megabyte (500k) each. Half a megabyte is about 300 A4 size pages of text. Images do not normally pose a size threat, so they can be included with text, however some guidelines on size are also in place: Images should attempt to be of no larger size than 600×600 pixels. Also an image may not be more than 500KB in size. Any images breaching these rules may also be removed. Text can be of a size upto ten thousand words.


    Every post on this website must conform to the following preset style sheet:

    1. Headings must be in capitals and lower case. Headings must not be in capitals only, or in lower case only. No letter spacing of the title is permitted.
    2. Sub-headings are indented slightly and are in italics (not bold)
    3. Author names are at the bottom of text in bold and italic characters in magenda color
    4. Photographs within text must not be more than 300×300 pixels in size and must be centered on the page.
    5. In each post after no more than ten lines of text each article must have an ‘Insert more tag’ (ALT+Shift+T).
    6. Main text should not be greater than 12 points in size and in the black color.
    7. Lines, asterisks and other special symbols can be used where required, however it is recommended they are avoided.

    Buy Msj Valium Pill MEMBERSHIP

    For a person to become a member of the Diasporic Literature Spot they need to show a significant past activity in literature which includes being published in a literary journal and publishing their own work. Another member can propose that a new person can become a member of D.L.S. however all other active members of the Membership Committe have to accept the new member before the new member is allowed to join. The Committee is composed of an odd number of members between 3 and 7 and voted in by the rest of the full members. Writers who are members can submit works on their own accord to the web-site. Each work submitted concerns the individual and does not hold the organisation responsible.

    There are two types of membership and one Administrator:

    1. Cheap Valium Probationary membership which allows a member to submit just as any other member, however their activity is being monitored by the administrator and they’re not considered ‘authors’ before one calendar month has passed from the date of joining.
    2. Full membership which provides the member full rights and those considered an ‘ author‘. If a member ceases to be active after one year passes without submitting any work moves for one calendar month back into probation before they’re removed from the list of members altogether and their login is deleted.
    3. Administrators: For a member to be eligible to become an Administrator they have to be on Full membership for at least 6 months before they can be allowed, unless there’s only one Administrator at the time. When there’s only one Administrator this particular administrator can assign the role to another person as they see fit. Administrators have the right to remove large sized files in order to keep space to a minimum, but they need the member’s agreement to remove post text, unless the web-site free space is critically low (i.e. less than 10% of its total capacity).


    At the end of each year a number of articles are selected to create the Annual D.L.S. journal in electronic format which is then promoted and forwarded to interested parties, organisations, universities.

    There will be minimal cost associated with membership and D.L.S. reserves the right to attract funding in order to cover its expenses. At this early stage membership is free of any charge. So feel free to submit your application. If funding is not available at the begining of each new year, we may eventually ask writer members to pay a nominal annual amount of about $10 in order to cover hosting and domain name expenses. At this stage hosting as well as the domain name & and administration free of charge by Nautilus Publishing. ADMINISTRATION

    Initially, as this web-site is being developed administrator duties are taken up by the founder Iakovos Garivaldis. However, if any member thinks they have the technological abilities required, or are willing to learn, they are invited to avail themselves to assist wherever possible with managing articles / posts. This will probably entail dedicating a couple of hours a week maximum.

    Please follow this link to sign the Membership Agreement Form and become a member if interested.

    Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2009