God’s Justice, God’s Jealousy…


29 December 2013

It is true,
Apollo’s  fires
light up our existence.
Even when his mighty freaks out
because of our audacity.
Then he gets frustrated…
He becomes hostile,
even merciless.
At random he picks up
a person’s good deed.
He knows all about people
before Deucalion’s days
since we were created by God!
We are his children 
and it is obvious
that without him
we would not exist.
It is essential to remember this…
Then unusually heavily pregnant
dark clouds,
had opened up
And purposely allowed
the enormous volume of water
pour down to earth
accompanied appropriately 
by lighting, by  thunder!
It needed to happen
to wash out, peoples filth!
Things seem to have changed
long ago, but even so,
some have a stronghold.
The novelist described
hideous crimes!
But he also looks
at the opposite side…
His friends rang high…
He has the upper hand
he writes for profit!
The poet leaves his bed
Early in the morning
walks by the river,
breathes  the fresh air 
and sorts  out his troublesome 
He carries all sort of ideas
inside his head
but purposely avoids 
the various ‘colours’ .
He would never bent his back
for anyone.
He protects himself
and he cares for those
who try  to keep up
with the ‘straight’ path
and turn away from evil.
The poet aims high,
he is determined
to help others.
He humbles himself
he tries to communicate
with his fellow citizens.
Underlines bad habits 
tries to warn people
about the ‘mercenaries’
their bosses
and how to protect themselves
from those  who together,
with their ‘bloody banks’…
ran the convincing show
and sets them up to no good!
He tries to explain
About the human leaches
how suck their  blood, 
ploughed with the holy sweat! 
He insists that God is watching…
He  sees  people’s ordeals
their ill fate, their punishment
-some hanged from their battered bodies…-
He pities them
as he watches them 
as they often lie lifeless
on their sofas or
At the road side,
in the middle of a street
Hanging out of their balconies
with curiosity
Or… from their windows! 
Some are blasted
By “friendly bombs”
-of a different kind!
But on a different note…
God- Gods have been friendly…
It is true though that 
more than often
they ‘ve been deadly jealous,
When love blossoms between the sexes,
Or when couples are blessed
with a newly born, baby…
However  Gods can become tired
of their own jealousy,
or other passions, or troubles
and when so
they watch humans, apathetically…
He implemented similar methods
-he used his lightning-
to get read
of the people and their carelessness
-at least the worst of the kind…
Zeus also used other Gods…
He advised Apollo
the God of  Light
to be realistic…
Heartless… against them
to create the good old method
of sanitizing the human filth
with a rain of fires…
It has to happen as to enable 
the globe’s rebirth…
This measure can get rid
Of  human worms
and their stupid crimes. 
It is a good way of getting reed
of the unscrupulous
The bad including the innocent as well…
So they can start fresh all over again…
with the human life!
God co-existing with others -lasting or not-,
Applied horrific ideas to discipline humans
As far as we know, years back,
God proceeded and practically
send his angel and set alight
Sodom and Gomorrah
For the people, had gone lost
In the wilderness of malice
The  sinful way of life… 
Since then, other  -earthy- ‘gods’
rightly or wrongly
imitated  the ‘real’ God’s roles
And shameless kill or burn
Everything that stands on their way.
They are enriching their ‘batteries
with Malicious energy’!
Gods… all of them
–not to forge… except the reasonable One! –
Have always been jealous
With  the minimum of people’s
happiness or prosperity! 

Copyright:Pipina D. Elles
From the poetry collection – Epikaira