Its about time we realised that coffee (or even Daily Cupo coffee) may not necessarily be perfect for you always, let alone a Diasporic one. But is there anything out there that is really good for you? Probably not.

So lets consider for a moment that it could be more appropriate and for a change to serve some tea here. This tea could be anything you like. From English breakfast tea to Greek mountain flavored tea, Spanish Magdalena tea, German green or black tea, PickWick Groene (oops this is Dutch tea), or a herbal tea of your choice.

How about the Diaspora of Tea (think of the geographical dissemination of cross-cultural exchange according to the author), really tasty and a pure Kenyan blend. 

And I can assure you tea is more demanding that coffee… It comes in so many flavors that one has to live for thousands of years in order to have enough time roaming around the world to taste them all. This is why we invented the Internet. Here, the world comes to you and it offers you all its flavors, including sometimes the… not so tasty, we should add.

So please choose from these teabag flavors below…

…and we’ll add the lukewarm water:

If you don’t like the taste of one, we have a variety, choose to your hearts’ content. Please do not hesitate !

But there is a small issue we’d like to infom you about. The issue that we cannot taste the tea for you, we cannot even jiggle the tea-bag for you, hence we’re depending on you personally to tell us of your experience.

Look around you. Let your imagination run wild and taste one, or taste as many as you can, always remembering that you cannot taste all of them.

Some of them are green…

Some are yellowish-orange…

and they can always be enriched with a number of sweet or sour flavors…

however all can be pure indulgence to the believer… So be our guest !

And if your cup at any time looks empty

  • don’t be alarmed, we’ll be here to treat you once again, right from the start.

  • Oops… we forgot all about the milk!

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