Diasporic Literature Spot – First Literary Phrase Competition Results

After the completion of counting of the votes the organising committee would like to announce the winners of the Diasporic First Literary Phrase Compeition 2010 in the English language.

From the forty-four phrases in the competition and after as many votes cast by the writers who participated, the following entries were awarded and received:

  • First Prize is awarded to George Nikolopoulos and his phrase number 42 which has collected 5 votes (winning the $200AUD ).

  • Second Prize is awarded to Marvin Rabinovich with his phrase number 2 which collected 4 votes ( $100 AUD ).

  • 3 votes were collected by phrase numbers 4, 19, 29, and 34.
  • 2 votes were collected by phrases 21, 33 and 36.
  • 1 vote was collected by phrases 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 23, 25, 27, 28, 35, 37, 38, 43.

Congratulations to the winners. Diasporic Literature Spot would like to sincerely thank the sponsor of this competition which was Onesilos Communications and in particular Mr Dinos Toumazos. Some of the phrases were really inspirational. It is important to note that most of these phrases received at least one vote and all except one participant received at least one vote.

The winners will be contacted soon.

From the organising Committee:

Iakovos GarivaldisWriter, Software Engineer, D.L.S. Administrator
Gabrielle Morgan – Writer, Literary Editor

Sincere thank you to all participants.

Competition Submissions in English

1. Without nature, there is no God; with God nature exists. (1)

2. Darwin’s warm pond: primordial soup awaiting a pinch of soul. (4 votes)

3. Eternal flame, I believe in the resurrection of nature. (1)

4. She dances through the meadows, seen and unseen... silently, beautifully. (3)
5. Her breath pregnant with electric energy, carried on the winds.
6. Her footsteps blossom and life springs at her touch.
7. Silently she floats, on air, on breath, on wing. (1)
8. She tenderly touches, and all that she carresses blooms brilliantly. (1)

9. Our second nature must become to put our nature first. (1)

10. Searching for an Ithaca blessed - we created an Ithaca wretched.
11. Nature is dying! We are boring… The Super Powers ….snoring…
12. Naked Odysseus, Watch bare-tree Nature’s face and feel no disgrace.
13. The Cyclopes of corruption entered the virginity of our nature. (1)


14. Nature’s sailings, a maiden scurry of a Darwinian voyage. (1)
15. True wisdom, a majestic virtue in a smidgen of nature. (1)
16. In dogmas and gods nature thrives on the make believe.
17. Desires and other sentiments vanished on distance from nature. (1)
18. Nature’s rival once gone never will return.

19. Nature reveals her purpose through the language of life. (3)
20. Nature's first love is the joy of creation.

21. Beginning and end... Two faceless figures... Like shining water reflections! (2)

22. Love is the wind pricking the sea.
23. It's snowing and small white dwarfs are hugging trees. (1)
24. A flock of sparrows are dancing in the afterglow.
25. The sun flares and dewdrops are wheeling like frantic Maenads. (1)
26. The glassy sea is voluptuously groping the light of sky.

27. Trembling ground tears apart seed is sprouting life to start. (1)

28. I exhume the inner truth of stories. (1)
29. I am just a transient quantum of eternity . (3)

30. Nothing's left to luck by almighty birth-giving Nature
31. Sorcerer's source and start of the line of us all
32. Lucky is even a dot in the circle of creation
33. Oh Mother! Embodiment of Nature in my arms... (2)


34. Four seasons, four melodies in nature which tune human life. (3)
35. Life's value lies in protecting gifts we're given for free. (1)
36. Nature and feelings ask for nothing but protection. (2)

37. Nature provides for everything - from our first breath till death. (1)

38. Deep inside the earth, the seed of life is waiting. (1)
39. Swift like bluebirds are the forces of nature.
40. The deep blue sea, the whispering wind; nature is calling.
41. What man takes away, nature gives back again.
42. Sometimes, at night, I can hear the earth singing. (5 votes)

43. The blue sky, a door to infinity without door knob. (1)


44. The future is now. Don't waste it.

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