My love for nature and wildlife goes back to my very early years and I find as I am getting older, the need to be out in the bush is also getting stronger.

I love to get away and just find a peaceful spot where no one is around and just simply be, whilst photography helps me bring memories and experiences back to my home.

I adore Africa and India and everything they have to offer.
I love to travel and experience diferent cultures. After all, we only have one planet so why not see it before our time is up!
I have always been interested in photography but have only been photographing seriously for 2-3 years.
When I am out walking, I always look for the unsual or diferent but sometimes simple things like the dew on the moss on early misty mornings really make my day.
Sometimes the busker in the street will get my attention or just simply cloud formations, they can really make my day.

Ross Spirou
Photographia is my poetry

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1 thought on “Ross Spirou Photography”

  1. Dear Ross,

    This flicker slideshow that you have created is full of sensitivity. Your love of nature and wildlife shows through your lens. Also your photographs are full of light, inspiration and dignity.
    Well done, keep that camera shutter clicking…

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