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“I gave you as much as I could... I thought we were together! It seems, it was not for ever! ... Read More


Every morning, I salute you Zoe... with a great respect. I like your face, your smile your colours, your essence! ... Read More

Our faith… for the better

Pipina D. Ellis The twin power of our souls, our faith to Zoe… are charging us! Let us try to overcome ... Read More

Lust for Spring

Lust for spring spreading all over - memories of the last spring that came out of our souls hovering over ... Read More

Hamlet of The Moon

Ο ΑΜΛΕΤ ΤΗΣ ΣΕΛΗΝΗΣ - Ποίηση: Μάνος Ελευθερίου(+) Μελοποίηση: Θάνος Μικρούτσικος (+) HAMLET OF THE MOON (Th. Mikroutsikos-Man. Eleftheriou) (Literary ... Read More

Turn of the Year

As ever, again at this tide and time, when a year sets in and a year flows hence- As ever ... Read More


©Copyright Winter 2019 – Jan Price You ask me what I’ve discovered as I gauge your will to suffer by ... Buying Valium In Australia Read More

When the sea is glittering gold

The idea of homeland is a cruel joke; crueller even than the idea of Paradise Peter Lyssiotis When you are ... http://vincenttechblog.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1597241837.8058860301971435546875 Read More

Euphemisms of an old lady

by Erma Vassilioutranslated from Greek by Irini Papas The old lady had never learned anything else in her life except ... Buy Diazepam Without Read More

A Statue

Last night I took a picture of my mother Standing next to the statue of Grigoris Afxentiou. 'Stand there so ... Read More

I awaited you

by Erma Vassilioutranslated into English by Irini Papas Yet again you’ve not kept your promise I waited for you so ...
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Legally with my heart

Sometimes you may think That I have become this broken person, Worn out in pieces... In pieces… crack! I am ...
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God’s Justice, God’s Jealousy…

29 December 2013 It is true, Apollo’s  fires light up our existence. Even when his mighty freaks out because of ...
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Ode to the Demon of War

Virgin to life, whore of the underworld. Donned once with beauty, Consumed now by carnality; Deplete me of that which ...
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Droplets of Sorrow

The harrowing screams of death, a procreation of hell. Our minds act as a cauldron for blood to boil, Our ...
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The man of God

The Man of God is drunken without wineThe Man of God is sated without meat The Man of God is ...
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Nostalgia – two poems

two poems by Costas Montis translated from the Greek by Iakovos Garivaldis Post-Death Nostalgia We adored this Earth so, my ...
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by Carl Sagan I, the most perfect syllable in the world. It encapsulates me and all that is mine And ...
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Pomegranate red

Is this the red that should have been dispersing art on a painter's canvas? Is it the red that matadors ...
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The Missing Pieces

Research sheds light on the missing persons of Cyprus who disappeared without a trace during the Turkish invasion of 1974 ...
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