George Veis


George Veis was born in Athens in 1955. Over a distinguished literary career, he has published numerous poetry books, his first being “Φόρμες και άλλα ποιήματα” (1974), and his most recent being “Για ένα πιάτο χόρτα” (2016). A long-serving diplomat, he has previously represented Greece in Australia, and since 2010 has served as the Greek ambassador to Indonesia. The great poet and literary critic Tasos Leivaditis, in a review of Veis’ third poetry collection, “Όλοι κοιμούνται στο καράβι” (1979), wrote: “There isn’t a single poem where you don’t come up against one or more truly original lines. Even better, on other occasions the lines are genuinely ‘given’, as Valéry would say – in the sense that it’s as though they had been gifted to you by someone, by none other than pure inspiration.”