Iakovos Garivaldis


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, migrated to Australia in 1970.
His weaknesses:

  • To-date has been unable to conquer himself.
  • When he loves he loves truly.
  • Likes people more than he should.
  • Can never sell heaters to the Eskimos.
  • He is overwhelmed by a constant fear of breaking the law by mistake.
  • Despises money and power.
  • Remains uneducated in slyness.
  • Remains a child even beyond his 60 years.

In literature:

  • Has no apparent desire to please anyone with his poetry.
  • Knows that he doesn’t know


  • Has no apparent desire to veer from the truth for anyone and anything.
  • Can possibly bring forth truths but will never be believed.
  • Known to remain stubborn in his ancient ways.
  • Hates shirts without a top pocket.