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Πατρίδα Χρέους


Κλαις για μια δόση.
Ελλάς, «χώρα του κλέους».
Πατρίδα χρέους.
Να ξεκλειδώσει
η Ο.Ν.Ε. του ελέους,
την υποδόση.
Γιωργάκης, Λουκάς-
Αντώνης και Αλέξης.
Φίλε, θ’ αντέξεις;




He stood by the fireplace and after He shifted the logs
He said: ‘nothing you can do for the wilted anemone
at least try to push your empty cart uphill perhaps one day
it may find its way back to the desolate house with you
or without’ and I bent down to pick my defeated ego,
it had all started because of our devout narcissism,