The Visitor’s Letter


Order Valium Uk by Tasos Livaditis Www Buy Diazepam Online Org translated by Manolis Aligizakis

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Purchasing Valium Online Legal Suddenly on an autumn day he left, on the table he left a letter “don’t send me away” it read and spoke of a deep inhabitable emotion; in the house all the lights were turned on that I wouldn’t understand, that perhaps, he had never come, while next to the letter he had left the mystery of his death, already covered by cobwebs,
“how you found me?” he says to me, “I never existed”, “for this”
I said and it was as if we were born and raised in a carriage that run
into the shivering roads,
yet I still couldn’t fight against this facial of the house,
its walls, ravaged, dived deeper than my blood in the darkness
of the night.

Buy Valium 2Mg Uk Tasos Livaditis-Selected Poems
Translated by Manolis Aligizakis

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ΤΟ ΓΡΑΜΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΕΠΙΣΚΕΠΤΗ dir= Έφυγε ξαφνικά μιά μέρα τού φθινοπώρου, πάνω στό τραπέζι
είχε αφήσει ένα γράμμα, “μή μέ διώξεις” έγραφε, καί μιλούσε γιά
ένα μακρύ ακατοίκητο προαίσθημα, τά φώτα ήταν όλα αναμμένα
στό σπιτι, γιά νά μήν καταλάβω πώς, ίσως, δέν είχε έρθει ποτέ,
ενώ πλάι στό γράμμα είχε ακουμπήσει τό μυστήριο τού θανάτου
του, πού οι αράχνες τό `χαν κιόλας σκεπάσει, “πώς μέ βρήκες, μού
λέει, εγώ δέν υπήρξα”, “γι’ αυτό” τού λέω, κι ήταν σάν νά `χαμε
γεννηθεί καί μεγαλώσει σ’ ένα αμάξι, πού έτρεχε μές στό ανατρί-
χιασμα τών δρόμων,
μά ούτε καί μπορούσα νά παλέψω μ’ αυτήν τήν προσοψη, τού
σπιτιού, πού οι τοίχοι του φαγωμένοι κατέβαιναν βαθύτερα απ’ τό
αίμα μου, μές στό σκοτάδι τής νύχτας.

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Τάσος Λειβαδίτης-Εκλεγμένα Ποιήματα/Tasos Livaditis-Selected Poems
Μετάφραση Μανώλη Αλυγιζάκη/Translated by Manolis Aligizakis

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The Carriage

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The foreigner chatted with the woman in a low tone, of course,
the woman was dead and he stared at his destiny, that useless outline
the dead leave on the chair,
birds struck the ceiling and fell into the dirty sink where all
the stories ended, embalmed old men sat behind the window glass
the stoa was dark, the stores wet where they sold tripods for caskets
and wreaths for glory we had once dreamed off,