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Προς φίλους


Το πιο δύσκολο πράγμα στον κόσμο,
σχεδόν αδύνατο
να βρεις ανθρώπους με γκρεμισμένους τοίχους.
Ερείπια να ξαποστάσει η ψυχή σου.
Να πεις και να φωνάξεις στον άνεμο που τραγουδά,
περιδιαβαίνοντας τα σχήματα
αυτά που δεν τολμάς …

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About Friendship


Online Valium ‘Honest friendship is a better choice than emotional love for a steady diet, says an American thinker. Suspicion, jealousy, prejudice, and strife follow in the wake of passionate love; and disgrace murder and suicide lurk just around the corner from where lovers cooing like mating pigeons. Emotional love is a matter of proximity; it makes demands, asks for proofs and wants frequent reassurance. Friendship seeks no ownership –it only hopes to serve, and it grows by giving even from a distance. Unfortunately, this does not apply the same with passionate love. Love bestows only that it may receive, and a one-sided passion turns to hate in a night, and then demands vengeance as its right and proportion. Friendship asks no foolish vows, it is strong in absence and most loyal when needed. It lends ballast to life and gives steadily to every venture’.