Two poems with no title

Share Two poems by Costas Montis with no title
translated by Iakovos Garivaldis

With no title

With no title – i We say: “Just this once, my Lord, and I will ask of nothing more”
And “when” it is granted we ask for more.

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A Tale of two Loves


Buy Pure Diazepam “Mortals call him fluttering love,
But the immortals call him winged one,
Because the growing of wings is a necessity to him.”                             Plato, Phaedrus by Edward Spence

Apollo dates Aphrodite?

Buy Actavis Diazepam Uk Tinafto pou to lene agape Socrate, what is this thing called love Socrates, asks Diotima, the mystery woman from Mantinea? I haven’t got a clue, is Socrates’ reply. If the man declared by the oracle of Delphi as the wisest among mortals doesn’t know, what chance do the rest of us have in answering that question? One way to approach this stubbornly difficult question is to look at it from two seemingly opposed and irreconcilable perspectives that we’ve inherited from Greek Mythology: that of Aphrodite and Apollo – the two extreme ends of the spectrum or should we say, kaleidoscope of love.

Golden Kiss

Share Manolis Aligizakis

He threw his hat on the chair
took off his shirt to reveal
his tan breast where a cross shone
reflecting brightness of the sun
and his heart pulsed in a different mode
when she walked to him and
placing her finger over the venerable spot
kissed his lips saying: I miss you Order Valium Overnight Manolis Aligizakis [POPUP=IMG1]

A picture like you


Valium By Mail Order You’re a silent picture of profound green
offered to a man sublime
instantly adorned in the nick of time

Valium Online Prescription by the morning dew… But this silent picture of profound blue
thoughts that pitched to a last goodbye
leaving loose all threads in a mystic vie

to a lucky few…

Buy Valium Overnight Delivery Whilst this silent picture of profound red
a remarkable detachment
in the tenet pure attachment

Valium Online Buy Uk lives anew…

Buy Genuine Valium Online Oh my silent picture of profound white
coming constantly aberrant and fragile
as eliciting a smile

Buy Diazepam Legally all from me to you… Order Valium Online Overnight (c) Iakovos Garivaldis

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We were ready to merge but she stopped me.
‘I haven’t finished looking at you,’ she said.

Cheap Valium Online Dazed in her aura
She saw her image stamped deep
On my molten heart.

Buying Valium Online Reviews Caught licking my dry upper lip
She caressed my burning cheeks.
I was like a rock in the sea beaten
By the waves of desire from every side.

Buy Valium Diazepam Online Defenceless I was thinking that
All things are susceptible to Love:
Fire, water even the polar caps. You might think I’m weak but am not.
Because no one ever has and no one ever will
Escape love not while there is beauty
And not while eyes can see.

Order Valium Overnight Delivery Nicholas Fourikis

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