A Visit to Mykonos


Cheapest Valium Online Uk The last remnant from the bottle of complimentary shampoo from Hotel Acrogialli slid through my hair, the final tangible link to the mythical Greek Island of Mykonos.  My heart ached to return to that Agean diamond in the sun, where dazzling white buildings clustered around the rocky shores.

There can be nothing quite like the experience of sitting in the new light of day beside the beach on an Agean Isle eating freshly baked Greek bread with crispy bacon and coffee.  There is a certain kind of magic in the atmosphere.  It could be the light, or the fishing boats moored at the jetty, or the white, white buildings jutting up from the headlands, gleaming in the sun against the blue sea and sky.  Or perhaps it is the mixture of the Greek language, the smiling waiters, and the abundance of delicious food which promotes a sense of bliss to those first beset by the charm of Mykonos.