Yannis Ritsos Poems


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http://bankholidays-2019.co.uk/sitemap_index.xml Review by Amy Henry (website: www.theblacksheepdances.com)

Amy Henry

Buy Diazepam Pills A careful hand is needed to translate the poems of Yannis Ritsos, and Manolis is the ideal poet to undertake such an enormous task. Born in Crete, Manolis’s youth was intermingled with the poetry of Ritsos. Once a young man moved by the Theodorakis version of Epitaphios, he’s now a successful poet in his own right who is still moved to tears hearing the refrains of those notes from half a century ago. His Greek heritage, with its knowledge of the terrain, people, history and cultural themes, makes his translation all the more true to what Ritsos intended. Having visited the very places of which Ritsos wrote, he knows how the light and sea shift, and how Ritsos imagined those changes as being a temperament and personality of the Greece itself.


Padre Padrone

Saverio Marconi played Gavino Ledda in Classic film Padre Padrone
Saverio Marconi played Gavino Ledda in Classic film Padre Padrone

By Gabrielle Morgan


Among the many books on my bookshelves there are some more treasured than others, especially the ones which have been signed by the authors themselves.  I often come across newspaper clippings of reviews that I had slipped between the pages and sometimes I find a lovely card still hides in the jacket with the sentiments expressed by the person who gave me the book as a present.  Now, years later, I find endless delight in coming across these bits of nostalgia which never cease to move me as memories crowd my mind.