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Country stint

January 8, 2016 By Iakovos Garivaldis

Up on a white multi-peaked mountain
To search and find our warmest shelters
Among the charred remains of January’s winter
Ensuring our tokens of slavery are not erased.
Only but a few tracks stay out of our bustle city
And on the snow that just fell
Like a crafty veil, a tight fit
Around our worn out shoes
Prompting us to forget all past traditions
And find some foreign thoughts
That spread across a nature gone wild.

No Snow in December

August 22, 2009 By Mousoura-Tsoukala Dionysia

When the gaze is filled with grey-coloured dawn And anticipation, When broad, stone swords pierce the soul In this foreign land When the heart, heavy with endless silence Seeks expectation, my gaze turns To familiar places, my own, And strives to anchor itself Away from the lacunae of December. It is then that slowly, timidly, the […]